Relevance to science

The Relevance to science of the Edge of Space Falling Bodies Gravity Test is ElectroGravity Propulsion!

Testing Galileo’s hypothesis like never before!

The links below are segments of videos available on Youtube to provide a simplified overview of how humanity derived our current understanding of Gravity.  Links to complete videos are provided below the segments.

Clip 16 shows the deployment of CubeSats using NanoRacks off the ISS, similar to the method we intend for the ISS Falling Bodies Gravity Test!

View in sequence…

Clip 1.

Clip 2.

Clip 3.

Clip 4.

Clip 5.

Clip 6.

Clip 7.

Clip 8.

Clip 9.

Clip 10.

Clip 11.

Clip 12.

Clip 13.

Clip 14.

Clip 15.

Clip 16.


View complete videos for a more indepth explanation…

Video 1.    Galileo’s “falling bodies” experiment re-created at Pisa

Video 2.     Brainiac – Do heavy objects fall faster than light objects?  Aristotle vs Galileo:

Video 3.     Theory of Gravity Documentary HD

Video 4.     Feather & Hammer Drop on Moon:

Video 5.     General relativity & Gravity:

Video 6.     Einstein’s Relativity: Gravity And Acceleration:

Video 7.     Michio Kaku on Einstein’s General Relativity: What is Gravity?:

Video 8.     Master Of The Universe Stephen Hawking Episode 1:

Video 9.     NanoRacks Smallsat ISS Deployment Program:


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Testing Galileo's hypothesis on Falling Bodies like never before – dropping spheres from the Edge of Space (EOS) – To Learn How a Gravity Field is Produced !!!!!!