Physics (classical)

Physics (classical), most often, refers to pre-1900 physics, while modern physics refers to post-1900 physics, which incorporates elements of quantum mechanics and relativity.



How is a “Gravity field” the product of a body’s motion through curved “spacetime”?

In NASA’s 2004 Gravity Probe B experiment, highly-precise spheres were gyroscopes (spun mechanically), enclosed in a spacecraft to measure gravity, and shielded from the effects of all other forces.

In our ISS Falling Bodies Gravity Test, we will observe, monitor and track spheres of materials with different magnetic permeability moving through curved “spacetime”, to better understand how the four known natural forces: Gravity, Electromagnetism, Strong nuclear and Weak nuclear forces influence the spheres indivdually and collectively.


Quantum mechanics?
Quantum mechanics?

Cassini Mission

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Cassini Mission

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Testing Galileo's hypothesis on Falling Bodies like never before – dropping spheres from the Edge of Space (EOS) – To Learn How a Gravity Field is Produced !!!!!!