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Gravity along with other natural forces cause and maintain the features of this “Falling Body”!


What exactly causes this crevice on the “surface” of our Sun?

Is the Sun a cluster of numerous magnetic spheres (smallest on the surface, largest in the center), whose corresponding strengths of magnet fields interact (repel and attract eachother) as they spin individually, rotate about the center (11 year cycle) and together as a whole?

How does Gravity, along with Electromagnetism, Strong and Weak Nuclear forces cause and maintain the features of this Falling Body (grainular surface texture, spacing of magnetic field flares and crevices, etc.)?

Understanding the mechanics of how Gravity works will greatly Benefit Humanity, as illustrated in the great expense NASA undertook to capture this unexplainable and phenomenal image!

Clearly, this image (in HD) ‚Äúdemonstrates an Earth benefit for ISS National Laboratory research‚ÄĚ to conduct the ISS Falling Bodies Gravity Test (IFBGT)!

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