What is Gravity?

Breaking Magnetic Field Lines (Gravity B)

What is Gravity? A Force exerted by the acceleration of  Magnetic Field Encapsulated VOIDS (Spacetime Gravity Bubbles), created  by breaking Electromagnetic Flux Lines.

Plasma Barrier

Do Gravitons (aka “Gravity Bubbles”) move in perpendicular paths to the magnetic field electrons and over greater distances?

Does Magnetic Reconnection produce Gravity B?

Van Allen Radiation Belt



How does Gravity do Work?

The Coral Castle

How does Gravity do Work? Gravity Pushes as Gravity Bubbles in Spiral Curvilinear motion, induced by the rotation of the Observable Universe CMBoSphere, emerge as Matter Compresses.

Ed Leedskalnin’s device

How did Edward Leedskalnin defy gravity while building his Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida?